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#Coffee Reimagined

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#Coffee Reimagined

Solid City Coffee was started with the dream that a coffee company could be about far more than just selling great coffee. In 2015, we where presented with the opportunity to create a coffee company whose goal would not be just to sell a quality product, but also would have a profound effect on the communities around it. We created the Workforce Development Program because we wanted Solid City Coffee to impact urban neighborhoods in Fullerton, CA. We designed it to work with youth from at-risk environments, teaching them the skills necessary to navigate and thrive in the workplace. That desire to use excellent coffee as a catalyst for community and personal transformation is what drives us still.

We are a specialty coffee company that specializes in getting fresh roasted beans and cold brew delivered to your door. Solid City Coffee is a Social Enterprise of Solidary NPO, a 501(c)3 non-profit. 

Welcome to #CoffeeReimagined.

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