We believe in #CoffeeReimagined, the idea that coffee can be a catalyst for communities and individuals to be transformed through relationship.

#CoffeeReimagined has 3 main components:

*Your Coffee should be excellent and enjoyable as well as sourced ethically.

*Our Vision is that excellent coffee can allow us to engage and empower the urban youth of North Orange County, CA.

*Their Lives are the youth in urban neighborhoods in Fullerton, California in which coffee is acting as a catalyst for change.

A little more about what we believe…

Your Coffee:

Your coffee should be delicious, it should be fresh, and it should be sourced ethically.  That is why we use direct trade, specialty coffee, roasted on demand for your drinking pleasure. Sourcing our coffee through direct trade is very important to us.  We believe that farmers around the world should be compensated fairly for their product.  From a seed in the ground to that wonderful drink we all love, it is important to us that everyone involved in the process is treated fairly and justly. You should be able to get fresh coffee to your door.  Not coffee that has sat in a warehouse for weeks after being roasted.  That is why our coffee is roasted on demand - ensuring that only the orders that we receive are roasted, giving you the freshest possible cup of coffee.  Its like having a roaster in your back yard.

Our Vision:

Solid City Coffee envisions a world where great coffee is a catalyst for community transformation. Coffee is a powerful tool. It is has shaped much of our culture here in the United States of America as well as around the world. Whether it is at a shop where a business meeting is taking place, or in the comfort of a home, coffee is a focal point around which many of us shape our lives. At Solid City Coffee, we believe that coffee can transcend our own personal lives and take us on a journey into solidarity with people struggling throughout the world.  Solid City Coffee is providing an opportunity for your purchase to transform the lives of the people in those areas of struggle.

 Their Lives:

Solid City Coffee is a Social Enterprise of SolidarityNPO, a 501(c)3 non-profit.  As a Social Enterprise we collaborate with other organizations, business and groups to provide a Workforce Development Program to the urban youth of North Orange County, CA.  The Workforce Development Program is designed to teach the skills that it takes to get and maintain an internship, job or career, in today’s market. We believe that through these programs they will gain the skills and vision to transform their personal lives and communities.

 If you would like to get involved please contact us at info@solidcitycoffee.org

 We hope you will join us in reimagining how coffee can change the world!